We enable safe, sustainable and efficient movement of people, data and goods

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In our stories we give the floor to the customers we have collaborated with on specific challenges in the area of mobility, parking and energy.

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As enthusiastic specialists, we would like to show you how our technology and services can bring value to your daily business.

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We develop smart applications that offer added value for various sectors. Curious about how we contribute to your strategic goals?

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The world is literally in continuous movement. The trends in: urbanisation; road safety; demographic, climate and behavioural change, resource limitation demand solid mobility solutions. Mobility solutions that contribute to a safe and sustainable society.

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Our society and economy run on energy, literally. Reliable energy determines our success and well-being. Government and network operators demand predictability and security of energy supplies and the infrastructure required to deliver this. Dynniq has expertise in the design, delivery and maintenance of electrical and gas infrastructure.

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Driven by the increase in car ownership, urbanisation and local government targets in the field of safety, durability, quality of life and accessibility, there is a growing need for parking solutions where the parking supply and demand are more aligned to enable a more effective and efficient solution.

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