Discover the power of Dynniq in our new FlowSphere experience centre. Everything revolves around “flow”.

As Dynniq, we make a daily difference in the lives of millions of people around the world. We manage mobility and energy flows using advanced technology. We help people, data and goods reach their destination in a safe, efficient and sustainable manner thanks to our years of knowledge and experience. We respond to the changing technology demand in a dynamic world in which everything is interrelated.

In FlowSphere, we start the conversation with our visitors through an inspirational film in which they get to know the dynamic world Dynniq operates in. The social importance of “flow” is emphasized in the film and we sketch a picture of a sustainable future with “smart cities” and new phenomena such as autonomous traffic.

Afterwards, our visitors can test their challenges in an interactive game on the round game table, in which the core values ​​of our propositions are the starting point: safety, sustainability and efficiency. For example, they discover and learn how innovative methods can improve the traffic flow within our cities. The goal is that the visitor leaves FlowSphere with a better understanding of flow and the implications and possibilities of this for his or her own working area. The functionalities of FlowSphere are gradually being expanded.

The Experience Centre was designed by Tinker imagineers.