10 July 2017

Alliander and Dynniq install the first public direct current station

Today, Dynniq will be installing the first public direct current station in Europe on behalf of Alliander. The station forms the heart of the future direct current network at Lelystad Airport Business Park and the new Lelystad Airport. With this system, Alliander wants to investigate the extent to which a public direct current system can supplement the regular alternating current network and which role it can play in the transition towards a sustainable energy supply.

Sustainable energy sources such as electrical transport, geothermal heat pumps, and solar panels already work on direct current. This direct current now has to be converted into an alternating current in order to be able to feed it into the grid. Connecting these sources directly to a direct current system can save energy which would otherwise be lost during the conversion, increasing the efficiency at the same time.


The delivery of the direct current station is the first concrete step of a pilot that started up in October 2016. The station will provide the connected companies with an efficient power supply for their business installations and applications that are powered by direct current. In addition, the connected companies can generate and share power without having to go through the regular alternating current network. During the pilot, the technology, the operation, the safety, and the expected savings when using direct current will be further researched as well. The effect on the balancing of the local network when customers generate, use, and share their own power will also be further investigated.


Sustainable energy provision

Ingrid Thijssen, Interim CEO of Alliander: “Innovations and pilots such as these are the keys to the sustainable energy supply of the future. The construction of this public direct current network should provide us, as well as many market players, with new experiences and insights which can be of significant value for the transition to a more sustainable energy supply.”

Ron van Schaijck, Managing Director, Dynniq Energy: “The main challenge was to achieve the most reliable design for the station. This process answered questions about issues such as the (future) available capacity, voltage level, required customer capacity, redundancy, the qualities of the components, grounding, and security.”

Knowledge development on direct current

It is expected that the demand for direct current power will grow from the customer side as most business applications already work on direct current. Public LED lighting, solar panels, batteries, and charging points also already work on direct current. Expectations concerning the market demands, for example with regard to the expected voltage levels and electricity quality for products, are less clearly defined. This is because a direct current network is also a new development for electricians, contractors, builders, manufacturers, and suppliers of installations and equipment at a business and household level.  With this pilot, Alliander hopes to contribute to the development of knowledge of direct current power.