The sustainable energy supply of the future

The challenge

Dynniq is realising the first public direct current station in Europe on behalf of Alliander at Lelystad Airport Business Park. Alliander wants to use this grid to investigate the extent to which a public direct current grid can supplement the regular alternating current grid and how this can play a part in the transition to a sustainable energy supply. Sustainable energy sources such as electrical transport, heat pumps, and solar panels already work on direct current. This direct current is usually converted into alternating current so it can be fed into the main power grid. Connecting these sources directly to a direct current grid can save energy which would otherwise be lost in the conversion, and it can considerably boost the efficiency.

The solution

The direct current station is to provide connected companies with an efficient power supply for their business installations and applications that are powered by direct current. In addition, the connected companies can generate and share power without having to go through the regular alternating current grid. As part of the pilot, research is being carried out into the technology, the operation, the safety, and the expected savings the direct current can offer. It is also examined how the local grid balancing turns out when customers are generating, using, and sharing their own power.

The result

Innovations and pilots such as these are the key to the sustainable energy supply of the future. The construction of this public direct current system should not just provide Alliander, but also many other market parties with new experiences and insights which can be of considerable value for the transition to a more sustainable energy supply.