16 January 2018

Dynniq demo Aurora Arctic Challenge – Connected and Automated Driving

In the Arctic Challenge research project, initiated by the Finnish Transport Agency and the Finnish Transport Safety Agency, Finnish companies attempt to solve the problems of automated road traffic in winter and Nordic conditions. The field test week will be held 15–19 January 2018 on the Aurora intelligent road in Muonio.

Automated vehicles are predicted to gradually become a normal sight on public roads in the coming years and decades. The automation is expected to result in improved traffic safety, reduced emissions from road traffic and smoother flow of traffic. The Arctic Challenge tests will be carried out on the Aurora intelligent road in Muonio. The intelligent road is a 10-km test section, which has been instrumented to support testing of automated transport.

Aurora is a public test ecosystem created to ensure intelligent and automated transport as well as solutions for road maintenance and asset management to meet the requirements of all conditions. The public test area is open for all organisations interested. As Dynniq we aim to be a forerunner in Connected and Automated Driving. During the Aurora Summit 2018 we tested and demonstrated together with VTT AC/CAD coalition. See below testfest 1, stay tuned for more are to come.