Power to the Underground

The City of Amsterdam is building a metro network that runs right under the historic centre and the river IJ. A new metro line to keep the metropolis moving

The challenge

In one of the largest and most controversial infrastructure projects in Dutch history, Amsterdam is constructing an 11.5 km underground metro network that will connect the north and south end of the city for which Dynniq is providing the power system.

The Noord/Zuidlijn (North/South line) will relieve pressure on Amsterdam’s crowded infrastructure and connect two halves of the city split by the river IJ. The metro line is 11.5 km in total, with 9.5 km underground, burrowing beneath the historic city centre and the IJ river.

The new line will have eight stops. Dynniq is supplying the power system for the metro. The build has proven challenging, as Amsterdam is largely built on a marsh. After budget overruns by constructors in the early phases, and damage to buildings in the historic city centre, the project is under intense public scrutiny. All the more reason for Dynniq to get it right.


Our solution

Dynniq Netherlands has a proud history in powering electric tram and metro networks in Amsterdam, The Hague and Rotterdam. Building on this expertise, Dynniq is delivering all technical installations, including traction installations, heated points, and laying and connecting power cables for the new metro line. These have all been highly specified, such as the requirement that they continue functioning in case of fire.


The result

The Noord/Zuidlijn is scheduled to open in 2018 and work is going on around the clock. For Dynniq Netherlands this project has been a valuable learning experience. These lessons included putting extra effort into maintaining consistent project teams, staying on top of engineering output and speeding up the turnaround of strategic purchases into sales to the end client. Dynniq is confident that the Noord/Zuidlijn project will contribute positively to the lives of Amsterdam residents and visitors alike and is proud of its contribution to this major transport project.