Smart renewal of parking facilities

The revitalised City of Kitchener in Canada has increased its parking revenues thanks to state of the art gated parking systems.

The challenge

As the City of Kitchener breathes new life into its downtown, WPS Canada has provided state of the art gated public parking systems to maximize revenue collection.

Kitchener is a city with a rich manufacturing history that has reinvented itself as a hub of innovative business with a thriving downtown. King Street, the main thoroughfare was even awarded a Canadian ‘Green Street’ award. Its more than 220,000 residents now enjoy a revitalised City centre and economy, with many tech firms settling in, including a branch of Google.

Our solution

In its original bid WPS Canada was able to win the contract by providing a ‘total cost of ownership’ service and support program over a 15 year period. In 2004 WPS installed gated parking system in five municipal parking garages in the City. The system was state of the art at installation, for example RFID transponder tag technology ensuring free flow of traffic through barrier gate lanes.

The result

The system has proven itself. Parking space utilisation has been optimized, there is greater control over parking space inventory, and customer satisfaction has improved. Most importantly the WPS parking system has increased parking revenues for the City of Kitchener.

The existing contract is entering its final years and WPS is now working closely with the city to discuss a migration plan to implement the next generation WPS parking system platform. This will replace current systems and introduce new technologies, features and functionality. This fits Kitchener’s goal to be the hub of innovation and cutting edge commerce in the area.