Improving road safety and flow of traffic

A major bottleneck in the Dutch motorway system is improved with increased lanes and smart traffic solutions.

The challenge

When the government decides to tackle a major congestion hot spot, it includes smart solutions by Dynniq to improve flow and safety.
Schiphol Airport has seen steady growth for decades, becoming a vital hub for the Dutch economy. However, its success has increased pressure on an already crowded motorway system in the heart of the Dutch ‘Randstad’. The Dutch infrastructure authority Rijkswaterstaat has commissioned large scale works to improve and increase road area and traffic flow.

Parkway6 is the consortium responsible for widening and modernizing the motorway at Almere. Construction company Dura Vermeer and Besix are the main construction partners. 

Our solution

Dynniq’s role is in making the detailed design, delivering and installing all DVM parts: highway management system, traffic controllers, lighting, DRIP, network, bus stations, power distribution.

The result

Within Parkway6, Dynniq provides smart services that will contribute to better traffic flow and improve road safety by reducing the chance of rear-end collisions for example. This will directly benefit the residents of Almere, who currently suffer from massive congestion issues, and will also benefit the many people who travel to Schiphol from the north of The Netherlands. 

For Dynniq, Parkway6 is an opportunity to cement its relationship with Dura Vermeer, one of The Netherlands foremost infrastructure construction firms. Furthermore, Dynniq has its own project team on site at the project location of Parkway6, and although formally a subcontractor, Dynniq is represented in both the management team and supervisory board of Parkway6. It is a long term relationship, with the contract including twenty years of maintenance starting in 2019.

In Parkway6, Dynniq is proving its mettle as the foremost provider of smart traffic solutions from design, engineering and installation through to operational phases.