Control your energy flow

Another effect of renewable energy, is that the energy production cannot be controlled on at will and is not always generated at the most convenient time. The Energy Management System oversees all energy sources and loads and optimizes energy demand and availability.


Energy generation cannot be turned on at will and therefore not controllable to follow your needs.



Some energy loads are flexible which allows the energy need to be controlled in a way it corresponds with the energy generation. This can be done by:

  • changing the demand in time
  • speeding up or slowing down the demand


Energy storage

Energy storage will temper the high energy peaks in both generation and consumption. It will deliver energy during shortages and store energy when a surplus is generated.


Grid connection

The remaining shortages and surpluses are settled with the grid connection, in an even, low and predictable flow.

By optimizing the use of local/own energy and smoothing out the energy with the grid, the cost of energy and the cost of your grid connection can be minimized. On a bigger scale this also minimizes grid reinforcement in the national grid which lowers cost for the whole society. With the use of local energy storage, your microgrid also guarantees continuity for your business, even when the national grid fails.


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