Optimal use of road capacity

With roads becoming more congested, travel times are growing. Possibilities for expanding infrastructure are limited as many places have no space for new infrastructure or cannot afford the high costs of adaptations. Increasingly, people are asking: ‘Isn’t there a smarter way?’ The answer: Yes, there is! Different handling of the available road capacity can lead to better utilization. ImFlow offers a range of control modes for use in different traffic scenarios. Through intelligent management of available road capacity, ImFlow optimises traffic flows and can even eliminate the need for major investments.

Policy-based traffic control

ImFlow is a software platform that uses state of the art control algorithms to calculate how long traffic lights need to be green. The optimization takes place every second. Although ImFlow does not require a traffic control centre for optimisation, this optional control centre provides information about traffic performance at intersections. The philosophy behind ImFlow is enabling road authorities to control traffic based on their traffic policies. The policy objectives and parameters form the basis for control.

Road authorities can configure requirements such as environmental targets, ImFlow smooth flows on key routes, prioritisation of public transport or stimulating bicycle flows. These policy requirements are entered into the system and appear as ‘sliders’ in the console. By removing the current need for detailed parameter knowledge, ImFlow is easy for both engineers and policymakers to use.

Various modalities

GreenFlow, CrossWalk and CrossCycle are the three latest connected applications that integrate with ImFlow to optimise traffic policies by road authorities even further. By
feeding ImFlow with individual data on traffic users, they offer a strong combination of services.

  • ImFlow & GreenFlow: GreenFlow communicates the position of a bus, cargo truck or an emergency services vehicle to ImFlow, which then gives priority in line with the
    configured policy.
  • ImFlow & CrossWalk: CrossWalk communicates the position of a pedestrian to ImFlow, which then sets the correct green time for them to cross.
  • ImFlow & CrossCycle: CrossCycle communicates the position of cyclists to ImFlow. ImFlow can differentiate between individual and groups of cyclists. Depending on
    the policy objectives for cyclists, they will get an earlier and/or longer greentime.


Find more information about ImFlow in the brochure.