Unlocking the potential of your network

Current statistics indicate that congestion will cost European businesses €11,5 billion per year by 2025 if we do nothing. As our population grows, so does the demand on our road networks. More efficient use of these networks could cut congestion by up to 30%; helping to reduce the cost to our economies and improving safety.

The ImCity Suite enables Intelligent Mobility through the effective delivery of traffic management solutions, enabling you to maximise the capacity of your strategic road  networks. With scalable real-time traffic management, information and control from simple monitoring to the strategic control of complex traffic environments, the ImCity
Suite can help you to manage the increasing demands of the users of our network(s).

The ImCity Suite includes intelligent tools to manage and utilise data, remote monitor critical assets and control your network; providing a platform for strategic management today and in the future.

  • Multi-tenancy capability
  • Web interface
  • VMS management
  • Crowd source journey time (Google)
  • Journey time management
  • Parking guidance
  • Incident & event management
  • Policy based Urban Traffic Management



Improve flow, safety & the environment

  • Reduce traffic congestion by accurately matching signal controller operation to prevailing traffic conditions
  • Improve specific routes by prioritising the traffic flows
  • Reduce the waiting time for pedestrians and cyclists including information about the remaining waiting time, reducing red light negation
  • Improve public transport by minimising the delay and stops and enabling the adherence to schedule (i.e. uniform arrival at passenger stops)
  • Give conditional priority to vehicles equipped with cooperative technology, promoting schemes like eco-driving for heavy trucks
  • Provide emergency vehicles with a quick and safe passage through the network, providing absolute priority where applicable
  • Reduce fuel consumption and emissions by making traffic flows smoother, minimising stops and reducing travel time to destinations
  • Move unavoidable congestion to another part of the road network; influence and optimise the location and the severity of traffic pollution. By spreading the traffic, ImFlow reduces the effect of traffic pollution on the urban environment.


From policy to flow

ImFlow offers a unique programming concept based on policies and constraints. The policies and constraints can be directly entered into the ImFlow system and are used by
the unique adaptive algorithm to optimise the signal timings in real-time. The policies and constraints are easily understandable by traffic engineers who need to setup and
maintain the system; policies represent the optimisation objectives and the constraints are rules that must be obeyed in order for the system to function safely.

For example; by defining a policy for a route, a traffic engineer can make the traffic on the route more important than other traffic flows. Based on this setting ImFlow will minimise stops and delays on the route to implement the policy. It then tracks all priority vehicles on the network and predicts their arrival and departure at signalised
intersections and Public Transport stops. A priority vehicle receives conditional priority based on the configured policies and the current status of the vehicle.


Find more information and details about ImCity Suite here.