The building block to a successful parking operation

The world is at a point of change, moving from one that relies on third-party hardware and infrastructure to another that is increasingly centered around personal mobile devices such as smartphones. Car park owners and operators recognize the drive towards a complete mobile environment, and especially mobile payments, but also understand that ‘mobile only’ is not yet the answer.

What is needed, is a parking solution that addresses the needs of today but can also handle what happens tomorrow – a solution that keeps pace with changing consumer behaviours, and allows you to update your hardware regularly, without a long-term commitment and long-term cost.

The PaaS solution

PaaS is a rental-based service, which means enjoying all the benefits of using our proven, IP-based solutions without the burden of ownership. Centred around our Cloud-based ParkID management software and IoT-ready hardware, you’ll be up and running from day one, with the flexibility to swap-out or add new solutions as your needs – and the needs of your customers – change.


Why PaaS?
  • Controlled investment – since you are only paying a monthly service charge, you are not committing to a long-term investment
  • Ticketless technology – keeps your operating costs lower and means less hardware is required
  • Independent hardware – allows new services, including mobile-based services, to be quickly and easily accommodated
  • Regular updates – our Cloud-based service is continually updated, without unnecessary downtime or inconvenience
  • Modular-based – enables you to ‘build’ a solution that best matches your needs


Turn your parking spaces into successful revenue generators

PaaS from WPS puts you in total control of your car park. Whatever is happening today, and whatever happens in the future, we can support you in making the most out of your parking resource. Our solution is quick and easy to install, affordable, and does not tie you to a single technology or a long-term investment.


Do you want to know how you can get the most out of your parking facility with PaaS? Please contact WPS Parking Systems via phone 0031 (0) 40-25091195 or email: Or find out more in the brochure here.