Smart City Control

Our future: A city is livable, with clean air, and safe and efficient flow of traffic. Cities and municipalities have the challenge to guide urbanization and increasing use of infrastructure by e.g. e-commerce delivery into a sustainable future.

Our advanced technology solutions help cities, municipalities and provinces to keep and improve flow in a safe, sustainable and efficient manner.

Cooperative Corridors

This key focus area is about the movement of people and goods along the highways, the large transport corridors between countries and the corridors to harbors, airports, event sites etc. To avoid congestion, estimate accurate journey times, assure safety of road users and minimize emission, new connected and cooperative technologies will have a big impact.

A cooperative road requires a close cooperation with national highway agencies and the transport and automotive sector. Dynniq is investing a lot of research in European programs around cooperative driving.

Infra projects and Asset management

Our Infra projects and Asset management unit unburdens our clients in their projects via system engineering, design, execution and maintenance. Being active in multiple disciplines: Control Systems (Bridges, Sluices, Tunnels, Traffic Control and Airports), Public Lighting and Traffic systems. Read more.