In our ever-busier cities, all traffic participants do their best to claim a place in the infrastructure. This requires a policy in which a comparative assessment is made between the importance and the corresponding priority in dealing with the traffic.

Safe crossing for vulnerable pedestrians

At large junctions and crossing points, fully facilitating the pedestrian is still something of an issue. Pedestrians with mobility issues particularly find dealing with heavy traffic very difficult. Not only is investing in walking and strolling good in terms of safety, it is also economically sound, promotes mental and physical health, and is environmentally-friendly.

How does CrossWalk work?

With all the focus that’s on cyclists, motorists and public transport, with CrossWalk, we are looking at pedestrians. There is a section of particularly vulnerable pedestrians who are part of daily traffic. We are talking about people who – for whatever reason – cannot move quickly and have problems safely crossing the road to the other side in the limited time the pedestrian light is green.

This disadvantage of extending the time this light is green is that this negatively affects the movement of vehicular traffic at junctions. The CrossWalk app provides a solution: only pedestrians who really need it are given the green light for longer. The technology makes it possible to adjust the length of the green light according to how fast the specific pedestrian is moving. Thus, depending on the extent of limits to their mobility, the green light stays on for longer. In this way the app ensures that just this pedestrian is given enough green light time to be able to safely cross the road and other traffic is not delayed unnecessarily.

In addition, CrossWalk provides a solution for the noise pollution from sound clickers at traffic lights. These are only activated when a blind or visually challenged person comes close to the junction. Otherwise this audio signal is turned off and does not create unnecessary noise in the area.

The advantages of CrossWalk

  • Safe crossing points for vulnerable groups
  • Support for the mobility of elderly and/or disabled pedestrians
  • Safe, simple and user-friendly
  • No need for expensive infrastructural changes

Read more about how CrossWalk works in our brochure.

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