Comfortable and sustainable driving

Designing intelligent on-board systems in such a way that road users move around the city comfortably and sustainably. Does this sound like a solution for the city of the future? With GreenFlow this is closer than you think.

Individual vehicles are linked to ImFlow with GreenFlow, the solution that ensures optimum traffic flow in the city. With GreenFlow, the road user gets real-time information about the current traffic situation and tips on how he can travel more easily and safely through the city.

Comfort, priority and safety

GreenFlow can be used for three applications: comfort, priority and safety. These applications together ensure optimum flow with attention to the environment. The speed indicator shows exactly at what speed you avoid having to wait for a green light. This makes driving with GreenFlow comfortable and ensures that freight traffic flows smoothly through the city. There is therefore a positive effect on fuel consumption, CO2 emissions and wear on the road surface.

But GreenFlow also ensures that emergency services are always given priority at intersections so that they can quickly reach the designated emergency scene.

Finally, GreenFlow informs the road user about the situation on the road. This way drivers know where the traffic jam is, which road is closed and when things are running smoothly. This benefits the safety in the city.

We offer GreenFlow for the following road users: