Dynniq Infra projects contribute to a maximum traffic flow on public roads


Within its Dutch mobility organisation, Dynniq has a Projects and Asset Management unit which works for the Directorate-General for Public Works and Water Management, provinces, municipal councils, and market parties who wish to benefit from our expertise in collective projects.

Infra projects

The project organisation is involved with UAV GC contracts, where Dynniq takes care of the design and execution. The design usually starts out as a functional programme of requirements that we translate into a Preliminary design, a Final design, and an Execution design via System engineering. Dynniq is active in various disciplines: Control Systems (the operation of bridges and waterway locks and sluices, tunnels, (road) traffic control centres, and airports), public lighting and traffic systems. Project examples include:

  • VIT 2IA: These types of projects focus on ‘replacement investment for tunnels’. In this particular project, Dynniq handles the renovation of the technical computerisation of 8 tunnels: the Benelux tunnel, the Drecht tunnel, the Noord tunnel, the Eerste Heijnenoord tunnel, the Tweede Heijnenoord tunnel, the Sijtwende tunnel, the Schiphol tunnel, and the Wijker tunnel
  • Lelystad Airport: Here, Dynniq takes care of the implementation of the technical installations, including the installation of a new type of runway lighting (CEDD) based on direct current. Upon completion of the construction phase, Dynniq’s Asset Management department will be responsible for the maintenance for 15 years. Our Park and Energy business units also have products and services operational at Lelystad Airport.
  • A6: In this DBFM project, Dynniq is responsible for the traffic systems and public lighting as the nominated subcontractor for the Parkway combination. After the completion of the construction phase in 2019, Dynniq will also be responsible for the maintenance with a 15 years’ contract for the traffic systems and a 20 years’ contract for the public lighting.

Dynniq Asset Management department often maintains long-term installations in the areas of control systems, traffic systems, and public lighting. In addition, Dynniq deals with UAV GC contracts in which clients are advised on the improvement of their installations, for example, when they need to be compliant with the most recent legislation. Dynniq is also responsible for the daily maintenance and provides a 24/7 fault-clearing service. Project examples include:

  • Lemmer Delfzijl: Dynniq maintains the bridges, locks, and sluices of the Lemmer-Delfzijl waterway.
  • Haarlem Municipal Council: Dynniq maintains the public lighting and traffic systems.

Within the Asset Management organisation, Dynniq has separate service department which is responsible for the commissioning of operations and the maintenance of its own product portfolio, such as our roadside stations (WKSes) and traffic regulation systems (VRAs).