Comfort, safety and flow

In the Netherlands, more than 3 million light sources contribute to our comfort, safety, and flow. This is why public lighting is so important. Furthermore, the Dutch Energy Agreement is a significant incentive to approach public lighting in a smarter way. It motivates municipal councils and road maintenance authorities to focus strongly on making public lighting more sustainable and reducing the use of energy.

As Dynniq manages the operation and maintenance of a fifth of the public lighting infrastructure in the Netherlands, it offers expertise and solutions for challenges which municipalities and road maintenance authorities are currently facing.


Dynniq’s core activities in public lighting include the management, maintenance, and construction and installation of new light sources. The Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) forms the starting point for this purpose. This keeps the costs manageable in order to result in a maximum performance in all aspects, with a view on comfort, safety, and flow for road users and local residents.



Comfort, safety, and flow increasingly benefit from a further optimisation through integral management of traffic and lighting solutions in public spaces. The nature of Dynniq is to innovate in both disciplines and is thus primed to guide traffic flows with light and support the city management of the future. An example is the connected public lighting that Dynniq realised on the island of Texel, resulting in the largest intelligent lighting network in the Netherlands. The use of energy-efficient LED fittings and the scenario-based operation saves energy for the municipality and prevents light pollution. With this network, Texel is now the first climate-neutral municipality in the Netherlands.


Smart Lighting

Smart Lighting is the dynamic and sustainable operation and management of lighting in public spaces. Thanks to fact that the system can be operated remotely, you can make the light work for you. In the event of an incident, the system directs emergency services along optimally illuminated roads to the site of the incident, via junctions where these vehicles are automatically given priority. You can also set up situational traffic measures during events, which can provide optimum support for large flows of traffic.



Do you have a particular object or area in your municipality that you wish to highlight? Dynniq can also help with this. We have a proven track record in creating complex lighting projects, making use of our extensive network of lighting architects and top-end lighting suppliers. One example is the Erasmus Bridge in Rotterdam: the implementation of the latest technology will soon allow the municipal council to change the entire lighting on the bridge at the push of a button. It can activate, for example, the colours red, white and blue on King’s Day, or orange to celebrate a national victory in sport. All colours of the rainbow are possible! In addition, this new form of lighting saves up to 70% of energy.

The lamp post network of any town or region will soon include more and more intelligent functions. In this way, an area with lamp posts can give an autonomous indication of its actual status. The remote operation and management of the network is the new norm, while the future possibilities will go even further. More and more functions will be linked to the lamp post and the fittings, from 5G antennae and camera surveillance to warnings of dangers. Dynniq is already working on such innovations in a number of pioneering projects.