Our future: A city is livable, with clean air, and safe and efficient flow of traffic

Cities and municipalities have the challenge to guide urbanization and increasing use of infrastructure by e.g. e-commerce delivery into a sustainable future.

The introduction of connected driving will allow cities to give priority to trucks to avoid stops, saving energy, emission and noise. As well as cyclists and delivery bikes can be detected well before they reach intersections, so they can be given earlier green (working as a kind of remote press button). In the (near) future, autonomous vehicles will also join traffic and be given Green Light Optimal Speed Advise (GLOSA), so they do not have to stop. As vehicles are more and more running on electricity, this will put strain on the grid. Micro grids with solar will panels, batteries and energy management can reduce the impact.

All these solutions is to keep flow in a city, in addition smart parking guidance can also improve flow. An other important element to keep in mind is the sustainable factor within a city. With Smart Lighting cities can transition to led lights. With advanced sensors for measuring movement, noise, smell etc. in the light poles, this might become the smart city sensor network of the future. The lights themselves can also adjust to circumstances, e.g. dim or light up in case of accidents or heavy traffic.

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