Innovative high-voltage sub-station for TenneT

Because of the increasing capacity demand in the Randstad, distribution network operator TenneT chose Dynniq for the construction of a new 380 kV sub-station. This is the most innovative high-voltage sub-station in Europe.

The challenge

The Randstad is the heart of economic activity in the Netherlands and covers an area from just north of Amsterdam to the port of Rotterdam in the south. The region is densely populated and has a compact network of roads, railway lines, and waterways. As a result of the increase in the use of energy and the energy that is generated, the electricity grid is in need of expansion. Distribution network operator TenneT chose the offer from Dynniq for the tender for the construction of the 380 kV power station which is at the heart of the project. From the start of construction, the sheer size of the project created challenges for Dynniq. Nevertheless, the hands-on project management and a new approach to communication and transparent cooperation with the client guaranteed a successful completion of the project and the start of a partnership for the future.

The solution

For Dynniq, the construction of the 380 kV sub-station was the first large-scale multidisciplinary high-voltage project, and it involved a steep learning curve. Dynniq was involved in all stages of the delivery of the operational high-voltage sub-station, from the design and the technical execution to its installation and getting it operational. After a difficult start, the project management was adapted to improve the process. Dynniq is focused on providing a high degree of transparency and openness for the client and other interested parties. This pays dividends in the form of a stronger and more dedicated team and a successful realisation of the project plan.

The result

With this project, Dynniq gained valuable expertise, which will also be important for new projects. Furthermore, the TenneT project has given Dynniq a new satisfied client. During the closing evaluation, TenneT was very positive about the fact that the sub-station had been completed within a time frame of just eight months and at a very high-quality standard. The distribution network operator has since then granted new projects to Dynniq, thus creating a fruitful collaboration.