Unique parking facility in Katwijk

Unique parking facility in Katwijk

With the opening of the Boulevard-Zeezijde parking garage, the municipality of Katwijk now has a unique parking facility. The parking garage has a capacity of 663 spaces and gives beachgoers a delightfully cool place to park without having to walk long distances to the beach or village centre.

The construction of the parking garage was part of a large project in which a new water barrier was built. To reduce the pressure in Katwijk’s residential areas, it was decided to build an underground parking garage. This would enable the visitors to park close to the village centre as well as the beach.

The solution

Between October 2013 and February 2015, the project included the reinforcement of the coast at Katwijk with the building of a dyke in the dunes. At the same time, an underground parking garage was built between the dyke and the boulevard to relieve the high strain of parking on the area. The dune area was also widened and redesigned, which resulted in a unique and innovative combination within one project. To grant vehicles quick access, the garage has an entry at both the north and south side. Both entries have an incoming and outgoing lane as well as an alternating lane, so the incoming or outgoing capacity can be doubled at busy times. During the day, the driving lanes are closed with rapid WPS-229 barriers, and with speed gates in the evenings. The ParkiD™ parking management system controls both the speed gates and the driving lane information displays. Just like the parking garages Princehaven and Tramstraat, which are also supplied with WPS equipment, this garage is also linked with the municipal Parkeer Route Informatie Systeem (PRIS – Parking Route Information System).

Five stairways ensure that pedestrians can reach the beach and the various amenities in the centre quickly and easily. This location is also fitted with the cashless ParkAdvance™ payment machines. The pedestrian entrances and the incoming and outgoing lanes of the underground parking garage are integrated into the surrounding landscape in a very natural way. Many of the colours and materials that are used in the design match perfectly with Katwijk-aan-Zee, the beach, the sea, and the dune landscape.

The result

The management is done by the municipality itself. For this, WPS set up a fully operational control room in the parking garage for the operation of the parking management, CCTV, and the intercom system. The system is completely web-based and can thus also be controlled from another control room in the Princehaven car park, which is also managed by the municipality. The parking garage and the installation are a great success, which showed in the results and reactions from its visitors during the trial parking period. Residents and visitors to Katwijk, who were given the opportunity to park there for free early February 2015, gave the parking garage an average rating of 8.5.