15 May 2017

WPS ParkID withstands WannaCry Ransomware attack


Ransomware is software that encrypts the content of computers and thus making it unusable. In just a short amount of time, the variant “WannaCry” has infected many Windows systems such as car park ticket machines, demonstrating the ingenuity and aggression of modern cyberattacks. According to Symantec, the global leader in computer security, the number of attacks in 2016 has increased by as much as 36%.

With WPS, ParkID has developed a parking solution which is less sensitive to cyberattacks that target consumers and office systems. As ParkID does not use Windows for entryways and ticket machines, the first line of defence is a fact.


The active defence against cyber attacks is becoming an ever more current and specialised theme. By delivering more cloud services, WPS lifts the unburdening of its clients to the next level. ParkID is, therefore, at the core of a modern and versatile parking solution in every market.

Broad mobility solutions

WPS considers parking to be an aspect of a wider Smart Mobility approach. As part of the Dynniq group, WPS also solves the other related traffic challenges. The experts at Dynniq Mobility are also active in traffic flow solutions and intelligent public lighting. These solutions are increasingly often tapped into via the cloud.

The WPS consultants are here to support you when you wish to optimise your parking and mobility activities.